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The World Security Council override Nick Fury and order a nuclear missile launched on Manhattan, but Iron Man intercepts it and guides it through the portal to destroy the Chitauri base, just as Natasha Romanoff deactivates the portal. Iron Man falls through the portal back to Earth just as it closes. Though his superiors are angry at this turn of events, Nick Fury defends his decision to allow Thor to take the Tesseract, saying that humanity is simply not at a level where it deserves the cube's power.

At the same time, it is strongly suggested that Thor and Loki would not have been able to leave Earth unless the Tesseract was used to do so.

A device called the Plasma Particle Beam was found that was powered by Tesseract technology. After recovering the Aether , Sif and Volstagg took it to The Collector and told him the Tesseract was in Asgard and it is "unwise to keep two Infinity Stones so close together.

A Brief History of the Tesseract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It can also be seen on the screen showing the history of the stones. As Hela was walking in Odin's Vault, she pointed out the Tesseract was "not bad", making it the only object in the vault that impressed Hela. When Loki went into Odin's Trophy Room to retrieve the head of Surtur , he passed by the Tesseract and took it from the vault. Thanos and the Black Order attacked the Asgardian refuge ship where they located the Tesseract.

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Loki acceded to Thanos' demands, though he managed to give enough time for the Hulk to ambush the Mad Titan, but Hulk was swiftly defeated and Thor was firmly restrained. Afterwards, Ebony Maw retrieved the Tesseract and presented it to Thanos, who effortlessly crushed the Tesseract in his hand and placed the Space Stone in the Infinity Gauntlet. Five years after the Decimation, the Avengers attempted to retrieve the Infinity Stones from the past to reverse the destruction. Rogers succeeded in getting the Scepter while Tony and Lang attempted to retrieve the Tesseract from the lobby where the Tony and Thor Odinson argued over possession of it with Alexander Pierce.

Tony and Scott nearly succeeded in stealing the Tesseract, but a mishap with the Hulk of resulted in the Tesseract landing at Loki 's feet. Loki picked up the Tesseract and used it to escape.

Interstellar- tesseract scene

In order to get the Tesseract and return to their own time, Tony and Rogers traveled back in time to a military base in where they knew both the Tesseract and more Pym Particles would be. Tony was able to steal the Tesseract without incident, but ran into his father in the process. The Tesseract is one of the most powerful artifacts in the universe.

According to Fury, it holds great power that is almost unlimited; Black Widow tells Bruce Banner it has the power to wipe out the entire planet. The Tesseract can open rifts through space. The switch to unlock its hiding place is covered by a carving of Yggdrasil, the World Tree that connects the Nine Realms, and Jormungand, a giant serpent. Jormungand, in mythology, plays a major part in the prophecy of the apocalypse. This Easter egg implies that the Norsemen protecting the Tesseract believed the object to be directly related to Ragnarok. As the Valkyrie speeds toward New York City armed with nuclear warheads, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

During the brawl, the Red Skull attempts to turn the tables on Cap by barehanding the Tesseract — it doesn't go well for him. A portal opens, blasting Red Skull out of the ship and carrying him off to parts unknown, while the Tesseract burns through the hull of the Valkyrie and descends into the depths of the ocean. Poor Steve Rogers isn't far behind, as the entire airship plunges into the icy water where Captain America would remain frozen for the next 70 years. The Red Skull explains that his quest to control an Infinity Stone led it to reject him.

He's now intrinsically linked to the Soul Stone, as its docent, while never being able to possess it. Sometime after Cap's fateful battle with the Red Skull, during an undefined period shortly after World War II, a deep sea expedition led by Howard Stark recovered the Tesseract in the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean while searching for the body of Steve Rogers. This brilliant inventor had been instrumental in creating the scientific process that transformed Rogers from a scrawny weakling into a super soldier.

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While in possession of the Tesseract, Stark researched and studied its nature. As mentioned earlier, The Tesseract's official first onscreen appearance comes in a stinger following Thor , but the first Tesseract reference is in Iron Man 2 , which includes a scene in which Howard's son Tony is flipping through his father's notebook when the audience sees a drawing of the Tesseract. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed the Easter egg in an interview with Wired , saying, "The trick is, the Easter eggs have to enhance the experience for those who know what they are, but not detract from the experience for those who don't.

Project P.

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The project had been mentioned in other MCU films, but Captain Marvel was the first to shed more light on the top secret undertaking. Mar-Vell, a Kree scientist posing as human Dr. Wendy Lawson on Earth, is able to obtain access to the Tesseract and attempts to harness its power to produce a lightspeed engine. When a test fighter flown by Carol Danvers and Lawson is shot down by Kree Starforce, Danvers destroys the powerful engine and in the process absorbs the cosmic power of the Space Stone.

The Tesseract itself had been relocated to a hidden research base in Earth's orbit. Speaking with ComicBook. Well, the Tesseract and P. As depicted in Captain Marvel , Carol Danvers gains full control of her powers and memories in , six years after her crash and subsequent abduction by the Kree.

She's able to thwart her pursuers and uncover the Tesseract in the hidden space station in Earth's near orbit. Once recovered, the Tesseract is kept safe by Mar-Vell's beloved pet "cat," Goose. Goose is actually a cat-shaped Flerken who stores the artifact in a pocket dimension in her stomach. The Red Skull claims he does not have it, but has spies out looking for it. Five years later, the Skull is in New York City and is in possession of it.

The Skull transfers his mind into the body of Lukin through the powers of the Cube. A fragment of a Cube empowered a new character that featured in a single storyline in Marvel Team-Up vol. A new Cosmic Cube was revealed in Avengers Assemble 5 July ; it was revealed to be a working facsimile with more limited powers than the 'real thing'. The Cosmic Cubes are actually containment devices created by various civilizations throughout the Marvel Universe at various times.

These matrices—which may or may not actually be shaped like a Cube—are suffused with reality-warping energies of unknown composition that comes from the realm of the Beyonders. Unknown to almost everyone in the Marvel Universe, including its creators, the nature of the mysterious energies are such that, after a sufficient but undefined period of time, the matrix will become self-aware and evolve into an independent, free-willed being still possessed of the original Cube's tremendous powers; the new being's overall personality is psychically imprinted with the beliefs, desires, and personalities of those who wielded it as a Cube for example, the Shaper of Worlds, wielded for a long time by an insane and warlike Skrull Emperor, immediately destroyed a large portion of the galaxy that it was located in once it became sentient.

On Earth, the Cosmic Cube containment matrix was developed and created by a society of para-military scientists known as A. Master villain and former Nazi Red Skull obtains the device after taking control of the mind of the A. Although apparently now all-powerful, the Skull became overconfident and was tricked and defeated by hero Captain America , who pretended to surrender and ask to be the Skull's slave, then knocked the Cube away, causing it to fall into the ocean.

Mole Man found it, but threw it away not realizing its true value. The Cube was eventually found apparently having reformed by Thanos [6] who, like the Red Skull, wishes to control the universe this also attracts the amorous attention of the entity Death. Although opposed by superhero team the Avengers and the alien Kree warrior Captain Mar-Vell , Thanos becomes supreme when he wills the Cube to make him a part of—and therefore in control of—everything.

Thanos discards the Cube, believing it to be drained of power, and is then stripped of the power by the dying superhero named Mar-Vell , who shatters the Cube and restores the universe. Brought to research installation Project: Pegasus , the Cube was stolen by villain and cult leader Victorius , and is used to create the being Jude the Entropic Man. Both are neutralized when in simultaneous contact with the Cube and the creature the Man Thing. Planning to transfer his consciousness into the completed Cube, the Hate-Monger secretly arranged for a distraction in the form of a strike team from the spy organization S.

However, the Red Skull was aware of his plans and had kept secret the fact that the Cube project had succeeded only in creating a perfect prison but had failed to capture the mysterious, omnidimensional x-element which gives the Cubes their reality-warping power. As a result, the Hate-Monger's mind was left trapped in a powerless Cube in the Red Skull's possession.

During a battle to stop A.

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The Super-Adaptoid uses its abilities to "copy" Kubik's abilities and banishes the entity, intent on creating a race in its own image. The Adaptoid, however, is tricked into shutting down by Captain America. Kubik returns and then removes the sliver of the original Cosmic Cube from the Adaptoid that gave the robot its abilities.

Kubik also battles the renegade entity the Beyonder , and reveals to the entity and former Fantastic Four villain the Molecule Man that they are in fact both parts of an incomplete Cube officially ret-conning the Beyonder's powers as shown in Secret Wars in the process , and convinces them to merge their powers.

This forms a new being called Kosmos , who becomes the pupil of Kubik. The character the Magus —an evil version of anti-hero Adam Warlock —acquires five Cosmic Cubes from neighboring universes, with each appearing in a different geometric form. The Magus uses mechanical aids to manipulate the Cubes, as their combined presence would quickly cause permanent brain damage.

The character uses the Cubes to create an evil doppelganger of almost all of the Marvel heroes and then alters the universe, but is tricked and defeated when acquiring the Infinity Gauntlet , as the Reality Gem is revealed to be a fake, thus creating a gap in his powers. Although the Magus is defeated, Warlock's "good side"—the female Goddess —also appears and wishes to purge the universe of all evil. To do this the character collects 30 containment units, with each storing the power of a Cosmic Cube, and merges them into a "Cosmic Egg".

Despite the fact that the Egg can fulfill the Goddess' wishes—although, unlike the Infinity Gauntlet, it has no power over the Soul—the character is defeated by Warlock and Thanos. During this time the two questioned Mephisto about the origins of the Cubes in exchange for giving a Cube to Mephisto, but they were able to cheat the deal by giving Mephisto a drained Cube as he never specified that the Cube had to still be functional.

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A third Cosmic Cube was created by an Adaptoid-controlled faction of A. This Cube was unstable and its reality-warping ability began to leak out onto the surrounding island, creating Cube constructs of anybody that was in the thoughts of nearby people. An Avengers team attempted to stop the Cube and the dying Captain America was willing to sacrifice himself to do so. In the end it was an Adaptoid who had been accompanying Captain America and had been impressed by his heroic nature who ended the threat by willingly transforming itself into a non-sentient containment chamber for the Cube's energies.

The second Cube was eventually recovered by the KubeKult, fanatical followers of the Hate-Monger, who spied upon the A. Adaptoids and discovered how to power it. Fearing how the Hate-Monger would punish him for his betrayal, the Red Skull allied himself with then-rogue S. Reluctantly working together, the trio invaded a KubeKult base to steal the erratically functioning Cube but the Red Skull seized it and willed Captain America to be drawn inside it into an artificial reality during World War II, where Captain America and Bucky were on a mission to kill Hitler.

The Red Skull believed that he would be able to wield the Cube's power only if Captain America killed Hitler's consciousness within the Cube. However, the Bucky within the Cube actually a projection of Cap's own mind revealed what was really going on and Captain America was able to will himself out of the Cube. Appearing before the Skull, Captain America threw his shield in such a way that it first severed the Skull's arm, causing him to drop the Cube, and then struck and shattered the Cube itself, causing an explosion that seemingly destroyed both itself and the Red Skull.

Months later, the Red Skull reappears, now with the Cube's power internalized within his body. He was approached by the time-traveller Kang actually the disguised cosmic entity Korvac who told him that the reason he had failed to completely control the Cube's power in the past was because his knowledge of the universe was incomplete.