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If you would like to create your own electronic portfolio where you can build and save a resume, save assessments and store other information as you use OKCIS, enter your zip code HERE. Machinists play a central role in building solar-system exploring spacecraft that send back spectacular photos of the moon, Mars and other planets.

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Many machinists work in the aerospace industry, cooperating with engineers and computer software, to make complex, one-of-a-kind parts from titanium and other metals. Activities — study blueprints, calculate cut locations, run and care for machines, make precision metal parts …. Conditions — usually indoors, often in teams, must be very exact, meet strict deadlines, repeat physical activities …. Skills and Abilities — specific communication, problem-solving, visualization, and management skills; ability to solve math problems, work with people and work with machines and gauges ….

Prep — high school diploma or GED, two years training, four-year apprenticeship ….

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Oklahoma Career Information System Your one-stop shop for in-depth information about careers, career planning, education and training, and more. Oklahoma Career Information System The Oklahoma Career Information System is an easy-to-use one-stop shop for in-depth information about careers, career planning, education and training, resume writing, job search and more.


Career Exploration Assess your aptitudes and interests with an array of outstanding tools. Use the Reality Check tool to see how much income you need to support your chosen lifestyle. Look up U. Pick an occupation and see a brief video showing the job and the skills required.

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Be ready to transition successfully into the workforce and progress in your career. Whether you are a prospective or current student, or alumni. It's never to early or too late to seize opportunities to improve your chances of gainful employment. JobLinks - If you have a disability or medical barrier that may be preventing you from finding and maintaining employment, JobLinks can help.

Through their pre-employment and employment services, they use multiple strategies to connect you with employment opportunities. Teamworks Training - Teamworks offers you a wide range of valuable and affordable career services to assist you in pursuing your career aspirations and goals.

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The flexible packages offered by Teamworks provide affordable options for your individual needs. Staff members have over 80 combined years of service in the career services field and can provide you with excellent and effective, personalized career services. Whether you are looking to: advance your current career, shift your career trajectory or begin a new career path, we are here to support you in your endeavours.

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Learn about various occupations and their fit with unique career preference. Career education Jump to section.

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Bringing occupational awareness and relevance to academic curriculum. Trends and industry outlook. Capitalize on your LC credential. Career planning.

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Employment requirements. Occupational expectations. Core competencies. Career advancement Jump to section. The progression of your career consisting of upward and lateral movement. Career Exploration Career exploration is learning about various occupations and how they align with your career preference s. Career and Academic Advising Not sure where your career path starts? Strong Interest Inventory: This in-person assessment takes place in either individual or group in-takes and is quite in-depth. Program choice Our specialists are positioned to support your exploration of programs to find one that aligns with your goals.

Our Recruitment team is ideal for your initial program exploration and can point you towards additional resources.