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The title was probably added to give the movie some appeal; however, the movie had little to do with a Rocky Mountain Christmas- maybe "A Ranch Hand for Christmas" would be a better description. We stayed awake and it was enjoyable but does not deserve a re-watch. Christmas-Reviewer 8 January Now Someone keeps reporting my reviews.

Christmas 2: A Rocky Mountain Christmas

I guess they are jealous because I do tell the truth. I want to point out that I never make snide remarks about actors weight or real life sexual orientation.

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If there acting is terrible or limited "I talk about that". If a story is bad "I will mention that" So why am I being "picked on"? When one of my reviews gets deleted IMDB will not even tell me what someone found offensive. Well on to this review Sarah Davis heads to her uncle's struggling ranch to escape New York and the spotlight from a recent breakup.

Returning home for the first time since her aunt passed, complications arise when Graham, an entitled Hollywood star, arrives at the ranch to prepare for his next film. As Sarah and Graham start to bond, Sarah may get more for Christmas than she bargained for. Now the story here is average and the acting is also "average". There is almost no depth to any performance. Treat Williams gives the best performance out of very little material he was given. My main problem with this film was the fact that it seems every sentence seem to have the phrase "Ranch Hand".

The entire story however was lacking but it was also very predictable. I will not be seeing this one again anytime soon!

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Lew 12 January However, both leads way out-perform a limited script , and are well supported by the supporting cast, especially Treat Williams who gives a bravura performance as a recently widowed rancher. I've seen a few Hallmark Christmas movies this Winter - and this is a pretty good one. Either that or I'm turning into a soppy romantic , the older I get! I'm looking forward to the sequel, which takes place two weeks after the original ends, in which plucky interior designer, Sarah and movie star, Graham realize they have made a horrible mistake in casting aside their respective careers in order to run, with no experience, a family ranch that was "barely breaking even.

Sarah Lindy Booth is a decorator for a major hotel chain in Manhattan.

She's very good at her job. But, a part of her heart is back in Colorado where her uncle raised her and her brother. Around Christmastime, Sarah takes a vacation back to the ranch and is upset by what she sees. Her uncle Roy Treat Williams lost his wife of many years some months before and he has given up on decorating and celebrating the holidays. There will be no Xmas parade in the town, no special tree lighting.

True, it is hard to do these tasks without his mate, Beth. At once, Sarah decides the she and her brother Cody will try to make the parade happen. But, ho ho ho.

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A rather-famous actor, Graham Kristoffer Polaha arrives at the ranch to "learn the ropes" as he is preparing for an upcoming film. Disliking him at first and having very little time anyway, Sarah soon starts G's instruction when they warm up to one another. Graham also proves a valuable helper for the parade, etc.

But, horrors, there's more. Roy may actually be thinking of selling the ranch and moving elsewhere.

A Rocky Mountain Christmas

How can her uncle sell what is most precious to Sarah? This lovely movie has a sweet, predictable story, a cute cast, lovely scenery and universal themes of Christmas happiness. If you are a fan of Hallmark's Xmas romances, you will definitely want to view this one in the Rockies, the Ozarks, or wherever you are. I tend to set my expectations very low for TV movies, and in fact, I rarely watch them.

New Hallmark Christmas Release Movies 2017, Santa is Comming Hallmark Christmas Movies 2017!!

But this one had an interesting premise with a movie star named Graham arriving to a small town ranch to train for his upcoming movie role. I thought at first that he was going to conceal his identity from the female love interest But no, that came out right away, and what transpired from there was the typical sweet conversations and scenes of Graham showing that he's really just a good guy not an entitled movie star after all.

It was pretty slow without any significant plot twists and story conflict points. Both of the leads have appeal though as actors. The movie was fine until she got off on the right side of the horse after the parade. SnoopyStyle 20 July Her romantic life is in the drains after getting dumped by her boyfriend.

She tries to escape the public spotlight to her uncle Roy Treat Williams 's ranch. Her quiet Christmas is interrupted when entitled Hollywood star Graham Kristoffer Polaha shows up doing research for a role. Treat Williams doesn't have much to do. It's mostly relying on sweet Lindy Booth. Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil.

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Staff report news summitdaily. Breckenridge Backstage Theatre is currently casting for their upcoming performance, "Rocky Mountain Christmas," in the hopes of choosing four male and four female actors with parts developed around each individual. Courtesy Breckenridge Backstage Theatre. After opening a new downhill mountain biking trail, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area elaborates on future summer recreation plans September 24,